The Minnesota Funding Network Explorer is a free tool that allows you to explore relationships between nonprofits and foundations in Minnesota. The goal is to help nonprofits discover previously unknown connections and communities based on who funds whom. Please note that this is a very early prototype, and you may encounter bugs or performance issues. Feedback is welcome at

We highly recommend watching the short introductory video below before beginning.

Once you've watched the video, select a filter and then an organization to begin exploring from. The filter will drill down to show only organizations with similar characteristics.

For a quick reference on controls for the Explorer, click here. You can read about our methodology here.

Select a Filter

The size filter will show organizations with a similar revenue class as defined by the IRS.
The NTEE filter will show organizations in the same top-level group as defined by the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities. Note that NTEE information is not available for all organizations.
The city filter will show organizations located in the same city as the starting organization.